Programming Language not to Study in 2019

Programming Language not to Study in 2019

13 June, 2020

Study Programming languages are the language that helps to build an application or website. Technically, A programming language- vocabulary, and set of grammatical rules for instructing a computer or computing device to perform specific tasks. The term programming language usually refers to high-level languages, such as C, C++, COBOL, Java, etc.


There are many programming languages that not used in 2019. The so-called “Worst Programming Languages to Learn in 2019” list is the latest in the site’s annual round-up. Here are some programming languages which are not used anymore to develop an application. Because there are many other different languages in the market which are best than the old one.


This language released 10 years ago, it is a programming language that provides a new syntax for the JavaScript. It’s just a JavaScript and this is the only this which makes it special. Even you can easily use any existing JavaScript library from Coffee-Script. As well as from now 10 years ago, this language released and now there are many more versions and languages of JavaScript to choose from.

The majority of the developers love the new versions or the java as well as which are easy to run and develop an application. Secondly, the developers also want to learn different languages and create something new from it. But the Coffee-Script is not the language which helps them to do so. That’s the main reason this programming language is not popular at all among other languages.

As well as it is an invaluable resource, where all developers want to create something new and different. In order to avoid any pitfalls and misunderstandings in the future, there is always a need to concentrate on the most effective and promising projects. And for that Coffee-Script is not the one, that’s the reason why it came to the worst programming language.

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Dart is a general-purpose language made by Google in 2011 and later approved by Ecma. It is the programming language using C-style syntax that trans-compiles optionally into JavaScript. It is the new language through it can’t be an excuse.

The big disadvantage of Dart is that the longevity if this programming language greatly depends on Google. As well as despite the fact that it has its own strong point but uncertainly it can’t stand with the other competitive programming languages. Learning Dart is not useful for developers who are passionate about the goals and want a stable future and plenty of job opportunities.


Lua is the open-source language, multi-paradigm, embeddable scripting language that developed in 1993. The main work of this programming language is actively being used in such domains as gaming and web servers. It is 26 years old programming language and still used by many developers, but is it a good programming language?

The main factor that comes in the mind is that a programming language’s success is the number of job opportunities it may offer and Lua was not the much successful as other programming languages that came around that same time. Lua is in demand but only in web services and gaming, though it’s actually bad in terms of community engagement and job opportunities. Lua has no abilities to do so.

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Perl the family of high-level, interpreted dynamic, general-purpose programming language. There are two languages in this family – Perl 5 and Perl 6. And it developed in 1987 for Unix scripting language to make report process easy. This programming language has been one of the major competitors of Python as well as this language there are many things you find useless in Perl.

developers find that Perl was not that much easy language to you as well as it is not actually easy to maintain. The data structure, context also hosts other features which make it more expressive language but only at host readability. That’s the reason Perl is so hard to learn. Beside this people choose to learn Python first.


This programming language is for every program and the Object-C language is a general-purpose as well as the object-oriented programming language which adds Smalltalk-style messaging to the C programming language. And it’s used by Apple for both iOS and OS X operating system development.

Since, Swift programming language release, the popularity of the Object-C language declining. Though this language is still good for the job market only if you aware of this language. In the term for beginners, this language is not developing the career of the developers. For that reason also Object-C language isn’t the best solution and in 2019 it came in the list of worst programming language.