Best News Aggregator Sites for Crypto

Best News Aggregator Sites for Crypto

2 August, 2020

A news aggregator pulls together Crypto many different sources and websites into one place for easier viewing and distillation. Some examples would be a subReddit, which pools together content around one topic. Another would be if you set up Google alerts for a keyword such as “bitcoin”, which would send the top news stories to your email each day around that keyword.


There are numerous kinds of content available on crypto markets, but most people find it helpful to have access to the latest news, trending topics, and content provided by experts in the industry. But who has time to search and scroll and weed through the subpar content to get to the good stuff?

Websites that specifically curate cryptocurrency data are relatively new since crypto itself is only in its beginning stages. That’s why we put together this list to help you find the best and most trusted sources of news to help you with your crypto trading journey.

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Best news aggregator sites for crypto traders


As one of the newest players in crypto news aggregation, Coinjoy creates a cutting edge experience for those serious about what they want, and what they don’t want.

With a clean, crisp user interface, traders can choose which sources they want to look into, creating a unique, tailor-made curation of news and articles in the crypto trading industry.


FAWS stands for Financial Aggregator Web Service and focuses on financial news and articles, including traditional and crypto sources. It even has a nice feel to it, like the WSJ of the 21st century, with a running ticker at the bottom.

As for the user interface, FAWS defaults to dark mode, a favorite in crypto circles. Traders can also toggle to a more traditional lighter colored feed, which is also muted and easy on the eyes.

Their homepage features real-time crypto prices, as well as their own curated news feed. Tab to “Sources” and you can select the sources of information you want to follow. Additionally, they have a “Media” tab so you can also view updates and press releases from crypto startups.

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FAWS Financial News Aggregator in light mode

By having only Telegram, Stocktwits, and Discord as social media icons linked from the homepage, FAWS demonstrably caters to members of trading groups on those popular channels. While stocks are the primary topics of news, FAWS also makes available some of the top crypto news sites. By signing up for this news aggregator, you can personalize a watchlist and also set up price notifications.


As the name implies, the CryptoPanic news service might overwhelm a newcomer to crypto markets with the sheer volume of news and links they provide. Geared to the more experienced trader, CryptoPanic’s news aggregator offers other unique features such as a portfolio tracker and community polls.

CryptoPanic Polls page

CryptoPanic also caters to developers with a section for linking to APIs, bots, and widgets. It’s also one of the few news aggregators in crypto that is available in eight languages. Their media section is very unique and jam-packed with industry podcasts, videos, webinars, and other helpful crypto resources.

CryptoPanic Media page

Not to toot our own horn, but HedgeTrade does have one of the best-curated news feeds around. While it does not enable you to set up your own feed, it does aggregate news from top crypto sources. Take a look below, then sign up to have a top crypto news feed right in your HedgeTrade dashboard!