5 Facility Managers Should Be Utilizing the Cloud

5 Facility Managers Should Be Utilizing the Cloud

2 May, 2020

Cloud Being a facilities manager means you have a lot of resources to keep on track, and managing all of those to maintain a well-run business is not an easy task – especially when you’re trying to do it all via spreadsheets and worn-out old documents.


This is where cloud-based facility management software like SmartCSM comes in: it’s a full-service approach that helps you effectively organize, structure, and run all elements of your business and infrastructure for maximum efficiency and performance. Here are five key benefits of using cloud-based facility management software.

1. Increases productivity and efficiency.

There are incredible benefits that can be gained from the collaborative aspect of cloud-based facility management software. Along with being able to assign tasks and check them off, each team member will have full access to the software and will be able to upload data, documents, and photos directly from their own device. This type of team collaboration and trust builds accountability and encourages everyone to get their work completed on schedule, as well as to communicate with each other when something goes wrong or they need extra help.

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2. Keeps your data secure and organized.

One of the biggest worries of any company is data security. Stolen or lost data can result in disastrous consequences, and can be difficult to recover from. With cloud-based management, your data is completely secure, and you don’t have to worry about theft or unexpected loss.

Additionally, unlike manually-updated facility management software, cloud-based software is regularly updated with new security improvements and upgrades; meaning that your data is constantly being protected.

3. Allows you to access your data from anywhere.

Cloud-based facility management software provides a centralized database that can be accessed from any location, via any device (like your cell phone or tablet), and at any time. Remote access is an increasingly vital aspect of data management, as our workforce becomes more mobile-oriented and begins to rely less and less on paper data.

Additionally, with easier remote access, you’ll have a bird’s eye view of all activities across all facilities; no matter what device they’re using or where they are. You and other facility managers can determine what assignments are in progress, completed, or have yet to be scheduled.

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4. Easy asset tracking/management.

It’s difficult to keep track of business and electrical assets manually through spreadsheets. If you can’t properly analyze the data, there will be more chances for error and you will have limited capabilities. This is where facility management software comes in: SmartCSM allows you to assign QR codes to important assets, instantly uploading and tracking real-time data regarding the asset.

From there, you can see what past maintenance has been performed, assign upcoming maintenance, and schedule inspections – all with a few taps on your smartphone. Being able to do this digitally removes the margin of error and helps you manage your assets efficiently and effectively.

5. Effortless proactive maintenance.

Before, proactive maintenance was difficult to keep up with. Maintenance requests and documentation of work performed was usually written down on paper; paper that can easily be misplaced, lost or destroyed. With cloud-based management software, maintenance can be scheduled and assigned months in advance – meaning that even the smallest maintenance tasks never slip through the cracks.

It also provides you with the big picture: seeing the next six months’ worth of maintenance tasks all at once allows you to fit in proactive tasks when there’s time. That way, preventive items don’t pile up, get forgotten, and cause a potentially disastrous problem.